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I do fun Social Media!
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Expert Software Developer Specializing in Web Technologies

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Design, Branding, Messaging and Online Presence.

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Expert on Diversity and Inclusion Issues


Transgender and LGBTQIA Expert

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Consultant for Education on Social Issues of Race, Sexuality, Gender Identity and Immigration

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Expert in all things Technology, Social Issues, Policies, Politics and Super Cute Selfies.

Tech Blog

  • Sophia Lee Dev

    Sophia Lee Dev

    For a few years now, I have been maintaining a personal blog Trans Girl Theory where I been posting all sorts of things about myself. I live very openly and genuinely and am very transparent online. Most of my online presence is on my Twitter account @GeekGirl1024 and many people follow me on that account....Read More »
  • My Twitter Exodus

    My Twitter Exodus

    I have been on Twitter (now X) for a long time now. It is the platform where I had the largest reach, and also it was the platform where most political and activist discord was at. But ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter things have been changing. While far from perfect, Twitter had algorithms and...Read More »
  • Clearing Twitter Data

    Clearing Twitter Data

    While I am moving off Twitter these are some of the ways you can keep your data safe. Because of EU regulations that are designed to protect users data and privacy, companies now offer functionality to be able to Download all your data, and also the functionality to Delete all your data easily. While this...Read More »